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The Affiliate program is a free-to-use, performance-based associate program that rewards affiliates for driving traffic and sales to Affiliates can monetize their online channels through this program, which operates on a per-sale payout basis.


How it works:


1. Register a buyer account and go to the Customer Account page. Click the Affiliate Program to go to the Affiliate Management Page


2. Click the “Create Affiliate ID” button to create the referral link for you

Click on the 'Copy' button corresponding to the country's row and share the relevant referral link on a blog, forum, or community in the respective language. If you want the referral link to be applicable to people from any country worldwide, you can choose the link for the English Store. If a user enters our website and makes a purchase through the link you shared, you will earn the corresponding affiliate points. Once your affiliate points reach $20 or more, you can submit a request to withdraw the money to your PayPal account.

If you would like to share a specific product with students, parents, or anyone else who is interested in it, you can visit the product's detailed page and click the 'Get Referral Link' button to obtain the referral link.


3. Where can I place my affiliate links to promote

A. Online chat programs: You can directly send the links to your friends while chatting online.

B. Personal blogs: You can publish links or banners on your blog that are related to the topics you write about. For instance, if you work in education and love writing about science, banners promoting experiment kits are likely to generate a high click-through rate.

C. Forums: This is also an excellent platform to promote products that align with the interests of visitors. You can post your links in comments while providing personal recommendations for the products.

D. Your own website: You can create your own shopping guide, recommending products available on, and include links and banners.

Lastly, you can recommend to your friends and colleagues who might be interested in our products. You can share banners and links via email, Facebook, or any other social media platform.


4. When and how do you pay?

When your Affiliate points in your account exceed 333 points, you can click the 'Request Withdraw' button to initiate a withdrawal request. Our staff will process your withdrawal request within 1 to 2 business days.

The commission earned from each sale shall be transferred to you according to the following rules.

1). Order shipped to Brazil - 59 days after the order shipping date.

2) . Order shipped to Other Countries - 45 days after the order shipping date

Here are Commission Withdrawal Terms and Conditions:

1)PayPal: US$20 Minimum withdrawal. All transaction fees are paid by you.

2)Bank Transfer: US$1,000 minimum. will pay the service charges/transaction fees charged by the banks when the money is transferred to you. Any secondary charges will be paid by you, this includes paying for fees caused by incorrect bank details given.

3)Payoneer: US$20 Minimum withdrawal. All transaction fees are paid by you. 


5. Will I get credit for clicking and buying through my own affiliate links?


No. Please note that Self-referrals for affiliate accounts are prohibited. 

Self-referrals for affiliate accounts are prohibited.

If the system judges the order as “self referral”, the order will be blocked and will not be attributed to you. It means that you wouldn't get Commission by self-referral order.

Please understand that the affiliate program is designed to encourage affiliates to recommend others to buy, instead of self-referral to earn commissions. Irregularities will result in the account being suspended and the commissions invalidated.


6. What is the Affiliate Membership Level Rules?

Your affiliate level will be determined by the paid sales in the last quarter, there are the requirements which will determine a upgrade or a degrade.

Affiliate Point affects your affiliate level. It is calculated based on the total sales amount generated by you. 1 USD sales amount equals to 1 Affiliate Point. The more Affiliate Point you have, the higher commission rate you enjoy.  When an order is canceled or refunded, the affiliate point will be deducted accordingly. The duration of current affiliate level is one year, which means your affiliate level will be redefined one year later after half of the Affiliate Points required for the current affiliate level have been deducted.

Let's assume you reach Premium level on Sept. 1st, 2023, then your Affiliate Points will be deducted 5,000(half of the Affiliate Points required for the current affiliate level)  and your affiliate level will be redefined on Sept. 1st, 2024. If your Affiliate Points after deduction are less than 10,000, you will be downgraded to standard level, otherwise you will be remained in the Premium Level. 

The relationship among affiliate level, commission rate and affiliate points required is as follows:

Standard Level: Commision Rate is 6%, Affiliate Points Required is 0.

Premium Level: Commision Rate is 7%, Affiliate Points Required is more than 10,000.

Platinum Level: Commision Rate is 8%, Affiliate Points Required is more than 20,000.


7. Fees and Payment Policy


You acknowledge again the following terms of the Affiliate Service Agreement posted on official website of AFFILIATE PROGRAM:

You will be entitled to draw out your commission according to the procedures set out by may pay the promotion fees to you in other ways as agreed by both parties.

All statistics are collected and calculated by, and will be the only valid stats used for determining may decline transactions that are the result of a malicious fraud event (as defined hereinafter: "Malicious Fraud Event" shall mean events in which the offer requirements were satisfied by one of the following: 

(a) by using automated vehicles that simulate actual users, such as robot scripts.

(b) using IP and locations based fraud.

(c) using fake or stolen credit cards.

(d) by using other frauds. is entitled to refuse to pay for corresponding false data and you will not receive any commission.